Optimize It: Manage Iteration

Managing the iteration is a daily activity that begins when iteration planning completes, and ends when evaluation begins. It is the team’s responsibility to manage all aspects of the iteration’s internal activities. Transparency is the key to success. But it is inevitable that team members who are Strong or Strong(ER) in Development Process and Process Performance will be looked to for leadership when things get tough. And they almost always do.

Strengths at Work: Development Process, Process Performance

Daily Decisions

What Did We Do Yesterday?

Each Developer on the team discloses the tasks they worked on and/or completed yesterday.

What’s Are We Going to Do Today?

Each Developer on the team discloses the tasks they plan to work on today. Developers should take on tasks that put their unique strengths to work as much as possible. Occasionally, there will be tasks that no one on the team feels Strong about. When this happens, just do the task and get it over with. If this happens too frequently, it may be time to recruit another Developer to fill this gap.

What Are the Obstacles?

Each Developer on the team reports obstacles they are facing with specific task(s).

Update Status Boards

Truthfully, everybody on the team is NOT going to care about status boards and reports. Everybody doesn’t have to. But somebody does. That is why we have team members who are Strong in Process Performance and/or Development Process. Agile Master, if team members are sluggish about updating the boards (especially if it is electronic) offer your services. It isn’t their strength; it is yours.

Determine Adjustments

Remove obstacles as quickly as possible and keep a keen eye on the Burndown Chart. Way ahead? Consider adding a Spike or a related story. Way behind? Consider removing items or splitting items. This is a team decision best led by team members Strong(ER) in Process Performance; the Product Owner must be in agreement to all decisions made.

StrengthsFinders Themes at work: Achiever, Activator, Adaptability, Analytical, Arranger, Belief, Command, Competition, Consistency, Context, Developer, Empathy, Harmony, Learner, Maximizer, Positivity, Relator, Responsibility, Restorative, Self-Assurance, Strategic, Woo,

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