The Agile Coach helps you “Put your Strengths to Work”

People First presents “Ask the Agile Coach”

This new feature gives you direct access to the Agile Coach who personally (and privately) empowers you to put your strengths to work in the SDLC. The Agile Coach will drive you to win. Certain of their faith in you, they’ll keep pushing you to do better. “Do you really think this is the best you can do?!” But they are not simply cheering or scolding you from the sidelines. Instead they are drawing on their own experience and expertise to help you. They are thrilled to be the one who offers you the secret trick, the new technique or the mind-flipping insight that allows the penny to drop. When you interact with the Agile Coach, you will know they want you to learn, and you will know they want you to act.

The Agile Coach really, really wants you to win, and will never let you off the hook.

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