A Noble Product Owner Who Can Find?

Look no further than the ‘T’ optimization score.

Product Owner 'T'

The product owner that has what it takes is strong in Business Value of course. But if you really need your product owner to be a super hero they should also be strong in System Value too. When it comes to getting requested business value into your system, your product owner should care just as much as the Development Team. How valuable is a product owner who can actually write good user stories and acceptance tests? Very valuable! Your product owner super hero also needs to be strong in Process Performance. Caring about cost and schedule is vital to managing the product backlog. I tell you what … you give me a product owner who cares about Process Performace and I give you projects that don’t wrestle with gluttony or lust – two of the 7 sins of project managment. And any scrum master will tell you that a product owner strong in Development Process is one that is a pleasure to work with. No one has to keep reminding them of the rules and they are an avid coach and teacher in their own right. Last, but certainly not least, is the icing on the cake – User Experience. A product owner strong in User Experience cares that the system expresses business value in a way that makes the customers they represent very, very happy.

A noble Product Owner, who can find? This one actually exists and I hope their manager recognizes this gift and does what they need to do to help them get even stronger.



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