My Strong(ER) Team

As a project leader, you want the strongest team possible for the project at hand. Now the Optimization Report gives you the ability to create the Optimal team. The composite score is the key. Select a Product Owner, a Scrum Master and developers until all the strengths required for your project are visible in the composite score. Now you, and your team, know they have everything they need to get the job done – on day one!

As a manager, you want to develop your team for the long-term. Now the Manager Optimization Report lets you to drill into the Strengths Report of each individual in your department so you can SEE the goals they set for themselves and you can SEE how they are rating their successes. Now you can help them do more of what they do best (their strengths) and you can help them avoid their weaknesses. You can help them get Strong(ER)!

See Salt Productions/Products for more information


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