We Are Strong(ER)

Strong(ER) ProductYour project teams have taken the Optimization Challenge and can SEE what they care about in the SDLC. Now you can SEE how much Strong(ER) your organization is by reviewing the Optimization Report. Use this information to help you develop your people to be the best they can be and prove to your project teams and your clients that you put People First and Process Second.

For a limited time use the Strong(ER) application to develop the strengths of up to 5 team members for only $10/month. Also includes 1 manager account and 1 stakeholder account. (Agile Coach is not included) Just Contact Us to get started.

Sign in using our guest user ID [Guest] and Password [StrongER1] and try it out for free. (Agile Coach is not included) Or for only $50, become one of 30 BETA users and get a personal ID and Password, a copy of  StrengthsFinders 2.0, and access to the Agile Coach (strengths-based advice for the SDLC). Just Contact Us to get started.


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