Get Strong(ER)!

In Go Put Your Strengths to Work, Marcus Buckingham defines a strength as “those activities in which I exhibit consistent near perfect performance” and “those specific activities at which I do well and for which I still retain a powerful appetite”. It is my belief that many people participating in the SDLC are drawn to it because there are specific activities within the life-cycle they perform well … and they very much want to continue doing them. But most software development organizations are not particularly concerned with how their software teams feel about their work; they just want them to get the work done.

What do you think would happen if software development organizations gave their teams the ability to put their strengths to work in the SDLC? I can tell you what would happen. Software teams would exhibit near perfect performance… over and over again. They would not only be Strong, they would get Strong(ER) … and Strong(ER) teams ultimately produce excellent software.

In July, my Strong(ER) product gave users the ability to create strengths goals to help them plan to do more of what they do best every Sprint, every Release and/or every Quarter. In August, the product gave users the ability to rate their strengths goals so that they could see themselves getting Strong(ER). This month, Strong(ER) will give project leaders, managers and other stakeholders the ability to see the overall strength of their organization because even though Strong(ER) teams ultimately produce excellent software, their success increases dramatically if all activities in the SDLC are supported by Strong and/or Strong(ER) people.

Sign in using our guest user ID [Guest] and Password [StrongER1] and try it out for free. Or for only $50, become one of 30 BETA users and get a personal ID and Password, a copy of StrengthsFinders 2.0, and a complete set of custom strengths-based recommendations for the SDLC. Just Contact Us to get started.


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