Optimize It with Strong(ER) Agile Coaching

We spend way too much time at work to not enjoy it. It is a crime to have to force yourself to go to work every day and “put up” with the necessary 8 hours. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone that cared about you and how you felt about your work? Wouldn’t it be nice if they knew exactly what kind of work thrills you? Wouldn’t it be nice if they could help you get more thrills out of your current work?

Strong(ER) does exactly that. Using your individual talents (discovered using StrengthsFinders 2.0) to accomplish the optimization goals of a software development organization, the Neutral, Strong and Strong(ER) coaching gives you insight into work that you will look forward to doing. Neutral coaching helps novice team members explore the SDLC so they can find goals that align with their own. Strong coaching helps established team members focus on the SDLC tasks that will provide the greatest (ER) Emotional Resonance. Strong(ER) coaching encourages experienced team members to use their strengths to lead and empower others.

Take the Optimization Challenge and SEE what you care about in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Then ‘click’ to see how you can be Strong(ER) because this release provides custom strengths-based recommendations that tell you exactly what you can do in the SDLC to do more of what you do BEST. It’s like having your own personal Agile Coach!

Optimize It with Strong(ER)

Available now!

Sign in using our guest user ID [Guest] and Password [StrongER1] and try it out for free (recommendations are not guaranteed).

Or for only $50, become one of 30 BETA users and get a personal ID and Password, a copy of StrengthsFinders 2.0, and a complete set of custom strengths-based recommendations for the SDLC. Just Contact Us to get started.


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