Optimize It with Strong(ER) Agile Coaching

We spend way too much time at work to not enjoy it. It is a crime to have to force yourself to go to work every day and “put up” with the necessary 8 hours. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone that cared about you and how you felt about your work? Wouldn’t it be nice if they knew exactly what kind of work thrills you? Wouldn’t it be nice if they could help you get more thrills out of your current work?

Strong(ER) does exactly that. Using your individual talents (discovered using StrengthsFinders 2.0) to accomplish the optimization goals of a software development organization, the Neutral, Strong and Strong(ER) coaching gives you insight into work that you will look forward to doing. Neutral coaching helps novice team members explore the SDLC so they can find goals that align with their own. Strong coaching helps established team members focus on the SDLC tasks that will provide the greatest (ER) Emotional Resonance. Strong(ER) coaching encourages experienced team members to use their strengths to lead and empower others.

Take the Optimization Challenge and SEE what you care about in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Then ‘click’ to see how you can be Strong(ER) because this release provides custom strengths-based recommendations that tell you exactly what you can do in the SDLC to do more of what you do BEST. It’s like having your own personal Agile Coach!

Optimize It with Strong(ER)

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Strong(ER) Business Goals

I read a lot and the books I choose to read always seem to give me some incredible nugget of wisdom  that I can put to use immediately. Take for instance “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. Right now I am applying what I learned to our new product offering, Strong(ER). Strong(ER) is being produced as a minimum viable product (MVP) with a product roadmap designed to release and test its viability in the marketplace over the next several months – without any up-front capital.

We are starting out with several strategic hypotheses. The first is to find out if visualizing your strengths produces emotional resonance (ER), i.e. a good feeling about your skills and abilities as a software development professional. Initially marketed to software Optimize It with Strong(ER)development professionals with 2 to 10 years of experience, the outcome of the Optimization Challenge will produce a pleasing visual display of varying shades of blue ovals for just about everyone that takes it. I do most certainly enjoy mine. The second is to find out if software development professionals want to do more of what they do BEST. Do they actually want to get Strong(ER). If they do they will take advantage of the coaching services available within the product. These and the remaining strategic hypotheses (i.e. Business Goals) are being managed for the Strong(ER) product in an Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool.

I have read a lot of articles/blogs going back and forth about the benefits of doing Agile with a manual board rather than an electronic board. But as the Product Owner for Strong(ER), I have found the real benefit and power of using an electronic board comes with the requirements management capabilities. I am able to track our strategic initiatives by entering them into the Enterprise Edition of VersionOne as Business Goals. I then assign the goals to Feature Groups which are in turn associated with User Stories. As the stories get implemented, I am able to visualize the progress of each initiative – which proves to be extremely useful in determining the priority of new user stories.

Business Goals

Strategic Business Goals for Strong(ER)

We use VersionOne as our ALM at Salt Productions because as a Community Partner we get to use the Enterprise Edition for FREE.