The Agile Coach

An agile coach helps an organization implement agile life-cycles such as Scrum and in such should probably be a Strong(ER) Development Process Optimizer. It would also be advantageous for them to have Strong or Strong(ER) capabilities in several other disciplines as well in order to exert influence across the entire project team. In other words, their Strong(ER) profile could look something like this:

This just so happens to be my Strong(ER) profile for Salt Productions – the place where I do what I do BEST everyday! I want to share the Strong(ER) product with others who want to use strengths to cultivate Strong(ER) individuals and Strong(ER) teams for the SDLC so I have planned several releases for 2012 (one every month) with the 1st one scheduled for 6/30. Check back to see how you can take the Optimization Challenge and see your Strong(ER) profile too.


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