Project as Composition?

A software project could possibly be compared to a musical composition where the product owner is the composer, the scrum master is the conductor and the team is the orchestra. In the 1st movement when ideas are fresh and optimism is high, quickly and cheerfully gather high level requirements and select a candidate architecture. In the 2nd movement perform one to three andante sprints composed of several architecturally significant user stories interlaced with a few strategically placed design spikes to build the Lifecycle Architecture Milestone release.

Now for the dance. In the 3rd movement skilled team members perform several sprints with excellence and precision while the architecture beats steadily and rhythmically in the background. At last the 4th movement begins with high anticipation as a product of highest quality is prepared to be delivered into the hands of waiting customers.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! …and then it all begins again


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