Just a pinch of Salt…

I purposefully influence and teach a team so they will eventually self-organize and no longer need my services, this is what a ScrumMaster does all day. In my experience, I have found that most corporate teams take anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 months to self-organize. The more polished the team, the less time I need to spend with them. They need just a pinch of Salt… then I move on to the next challenge.

But how about if I set out to purposefully influence and teach a team that is rough around the edges like current graduates or under graduates from local colleges, or really rough like students from Mon Valley school districts that have been hit hard by recession, crime and hopelessness. Could a team like this become self-organizing? They might need more than just a pinch of Salt (probably about 12 to 18 months worth) but with excellent training and strengths-based leadership I believe these guys could become a self-organized, kick-butt Scrum team that produces high quality software pretty much on their own.


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