I am a ScrumMaster

I attended a  ScrumMaster class last week that was just plain awesome. I mean it wasn’t awesome in that I learned brand new concepts that completely blew me away. As a matter of fact, I didn’t really learn anything new except that once again I am in the right place at the right time.

As a RUP professional I confess that I pretty much ignored the Agile community… not because I didn’t think it worthy of thorough investigation but because it just never came up… not until last year when a client asked me to help them implement an Agile process for a new software development unit that was created to help meet rapid market demand. The “team” wanted to do Scrum. I didn’t know much about Scrum so I did some research, made some contacts, and learned just enough to figure out how to use the Scrum framework in the elaboration and construction phases. This didn’t make the “team” very happy but it made the PMO happy, so I considered the job done and moved on because there was no way I could make both camps happy. A less than optimal outcome, yet the experience opened up a whole new world to me.

I am a generalizing specialist and as such have marketed myself as a multi-disciplinary leader of the software development life cycle.  Sometimes I am a lead architect/designer. Sometimes I am a lead analyst. Sometimes I am a process mentor. Sometimes I am a PM. As I play my “role” in the SDLC I exert positive influence over everybody involved – the more cross-functional the better. This is why I call myself Salt. It is who I am. I am the kick in the pants that compels a team to contribute their very best.

Can you believe it? What I learned last week is that a ScrumMaster is me!


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